George Kerr School of Judo, Stornoway

We are delighted to work with the George Kerr Junior Judo Club in Stornoway, providing a funding package to help local children take part in this increasingly popular sport. Since the club started in 2010, more than 100 members have joined and another 500 local children have taken part in judo sessions organised at their schools to promote healthy eating and exercise.

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Mid Argyll Community Pool

So far, we have sponsored over 155 young swimmers on the Learn to Swim programme at Mid Argyll Community (MAC) Pool. The Learn to Swim programme helps a wide range of youngsters, from beginners who are getting used to being in the water, right up to development of stamina and strength for those who want to take part in swimming as a sport. At the end of the programme, we proudly presented the children, aged 4 – 14 years, with a certificate that recognises the improvements they have made.

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