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Our Company

The Scottish Salmon Company is the leading producer of quality Scottish farmed salmon operating across the West Coast of Scotland and Hebrides. The company is fully engaged in all stages of the Value Chain; from smolt production through Freshwater, Marine farming to Processing, as well as Sales and Marketing activities. We produce over 33,000 tonnes of the finest quality Scottish Salmon and export to 20 countries around the world, from North America to the Far East. We employ over 650 staff across remote and rural communities and are passionately committed to the environmental, cultural and economic sustainability of rural Scotland.

Our Philosophy

Our ambition is to be recognised as Scotland’s leading fresh food business.  To achieve this goal we have three principles which underscore all our activity;

PRIDE: The Finest Food

We take great pride in producing Scotland’s finest food.  We farm, process and market salmon, and related seafood, exclusively from the western Highlands & Islands of Scotland. We are The Scottish standard bearer.  We are custodians of our environment, creators of prosperity at home and proud representatives of Scotland overseas.

PASSION: The Finest People

Our quest is to supply Scotland’s finest salmon and seafood to discerning customers around the World.  We are a passionate group of professionals pioneering best practice in many aspects of aquaculture from animal husbandry and environmental research to customer service and brand development.


We are fortunate to live and work in Scotland where the fresh waters and glacial sea lochs provide ideal conditions for nurturing healthy, nutritious and delicious seafood.  Our business success is dependent on our pristine environment which is why sustainability is at the core of everything we do.