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About us
Who We Are

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) is the leading producer of the finest quality Scottish Salmon operating across the remote Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

We employ over 650 staff across remote and rural communities and are passionately committed to the environmental, cultural and economic sustainability of rural Scotland.

We are fully engaged in all stages of the value chain; from freshwater and marine farming through to processing and sales, ensuring full traceability and supply chain integrity.

We’re passionate about our Scottish heritage and guaranteeing Scottish Provenance. Our Scottish Clan of Brands are underpinned by our ‘Provenance Guaranteed’ trademark and include; Tartan Salmon Label Rouge, Lochlander and Native Hebridean Salmon, our unique and native breed of Scottish Salmon with Hebridean heritage.

We are the first salmon producer in Europe to be awarded a four-star Best Aquaculture Practice accreditation for our freshwater, marine and processing sites and for sourcing feed from BAP-certified suppliers.

Our Philosophy
Our ambition is to be recognised as Scotland’s leading fresh food business. To achieve this goal we have three principles which underscore all our activity;

PRIDE: The Finest Food

 Every one of us strives for outstanding quality and value with integrity and confidence in our abilities. We farm, process and market the finest quality salmon, exclusively from the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides. We take Pride in producing the best quality Scottish Salmon with the trademark of Provenance Guaranteed.

PASSION: The Finest People

The Passion for our people; those that we work alongside, that we work with in our supply chains and those that we engage with in our communities, is unwavering. We are part of the social and economic fabric of the communities in which we work and proudly promote the vital role that salmon farming plays in the most remote of these areas. 


The welfare and health of fish and the natural environment are intrinsically linked and represent the basis of responsible salmon farming. Growth and business development will never be at the expense of our values. We maintain individual and collective responsibility as custodians of our environment, placing considerable emphasis on minimising the potential impact our activities could have on local ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife.