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Career profile


Are you passionate about the environment? Committed to sustainability? Biology could be your field.  Matilda works in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, and feels proud to promote a top quality Scottish product while supporting local communities.

Describe a normal day in your job

My time is shared between office work and field work. From my desk in Tarbert I monitor data from our salmon farms across the West coast and share this vital information across the Company. I also have to see the fish in their growing environment so I regularly attend broodstock selection, animal health checks, sea transfers and processing.

What skills/qualifications are relevant to your role?

I graduated from the University of Glasgow with Joint Hons MA (SocSci) in Geography and Public Policy. I enjoy the outdoors and believe we should all play a role in managing and looking after the environment, particularly the isolated islands.

What has been your career path to your current role and what experience do you have?

I joined the Company as a Biology Administrative Assistant two and a half years ago and have recently been promoted to Biology and Cleanerfish Coordinator.

What further training/ courses have you completed or are completing? 

I have attended departmental training on gill health, plankton, cleaner fish and auditing. I am also first aid and defibrillator trained.

What is the best thing about your job?

I speak to my colleagues up and down the West coast of Scotland every day. They are all looking at a different patch of water, but all work hard to look after and grow healthy salmon.

What interested you in a career in Aquaculture?

Aquaculture is a vital industry in the islands. It not only produces and promotes a top quality Scottish product but supports the people and communities of the West coast too. I was excited to get an opportunity to be part of that.

Why would you encourage others to think about a career in Aquaculture?

Aquaculture enables fish, marine life, the environment and its people to thrive in a challenging, yet beautiful part of the world.



Job title

Biology and Cleanerfish Coordinator


Tarbert, Isle of Harris