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Projects and Developments
Proposed Development in North Arran

The Isle of Arran has played a long-term role in our operations and our Lamlash Bay site, one of the first fish farms in Scotland, was established over 30 years ago. The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) is focused on responsible development to meet demand for quality Scottish Salmon and are committed to the environmental, cultural and economic growth and sustainability of rural Scotland.

We are looking to develop our operations in Arran with a new site of the North East coast in the Firth of Clyde (map below):

Site Overview 

  • Two groups of 10 pens of 120-meter circumference, arranged in two rows of five with a linked feed barge
  • All pens will be painted dark grey or black in colour to minimise visual impact.
  • The project has innovation at its heart, ensuring robust fish health and welfare and environmental sustainability



SSC in collaboration with Gael Force is proposing to implement an innovative ‘SeaQure Farm’ concept

The guiding principle of this concept is to deliver responsible development through innovation. The key objectives are:

  • Improving fish health and welfare
  • Operating securely in higher energy sites (stronger tides, more exposed locations)
  • Enhancing the safety of our people and equipment
  • Ensuring environmental impacts are assessed, mitigated and monitored

Economic Benefit

  • Up to 10 new full-time members of staff
  • A total of 61 jobs and a total economic contribution expected to exceed £8-10 million per year
  •  Commitment to source locally wherever possible

Community Engagement

  • Passionate about promoting health and wellbeing in Arran
  • Supporters of Brodick Highland Games - our Salmon on a Bun BBQ has raised money for ArCaS, RDA Arran & swimming lessons for local primary schools
  • Support our neighbours on Holy Island and with the island coastal path upgrade.

Next steps

We are looking to submit a planning application to North Ayrshire Council in summer 2019.

How you can get in touch

We held two community consultations, one in Lochranza on 2 April and the second in Brodick on 27 May, offering local residents an opportunity to learn and share their views on our proposed development. 

We also hosted a community Q&A on Wednesday the 22 May in Brodick. This was done in direct response to requests from some residents who wished to discuss particular areas of concern in greater detail with our team. 

The feedback gathered from these events will be examined alongside those of other stakeholders, will be listened to and will help determine the final shape of this project.

Download the leaflet here: Proposed Development

We would like to invite you to share any thoughts or questions you may have about the project at any time by sending an email to arran@scottishsalmon.com.

Next steps

We submitted a planning application to North Ayrshire Council for this development in August 2019. A decision is expected by early 2020.

The key planning documents associated with our proposal can be viewed on the North Ayrshire Council planning portal.

Planning Documents

You will find below available for download the key documents associated with our planning application.

  1. Planning Statement
  2. Design Statement
  3. Pre-Application Consultation report
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment Report (full)
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment report (non- technical summary)
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment report (Appendix A – Figures)
  7. Environmental_Impact_Assessment report (Appendix O - Seascape and Landscape Visual Impact Assessment: Annexes 1-3)
  8. Social and Economic Impact Report 

Alternatively, you can download a leaflet summarising the project here.

We would like to invite you to share any thoughts or questions you may have about the project at any time by sending an email to arran@scottishsalmon.com.