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Our natural
Scottish Habitat

We firmly believe that Scotland is THE best place in the world to rear salmon.  Our 60 or so freshwater and marine sites in the North and West of the country enjoy a temperate and wet climate, receiving up to 265 days of rain a year.  The Western Highlands also offer island archipelagos, jagged coastlines, roaring rivers and deep sea lochs teaming with cold, clean waters.

This wild, indented seaboard is ideal for salmon farming. Our marine sites are protected from the worst of the Atlantic storms while strong tidal flows exercise our salmon.  These deep and wide lochs are fed from the Highland mountains where ‘burns’ or rivulets evolve into streams, which in turn combine and mature into raging torrents of clear, fresh water.  These are the fresh waters in which our salmon eggs are nurtured and grown.  As the rivers reach the sea lochs, the cold fresh water and warmer salt water mix, creating a nutrient-rich ecosystem that provides the perfect natural environment for our young salmon.