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The Scottish Salmon Company
Sustainability Statement


The overriding Values throughout the Scottish Salmon Company are: Pride in our Scottish Product, the Passion of our People, and the Provenance of our Environment. The Scottish Salmon Company Sustainability Vision is that our Core Values are mirror images of the central pillars of Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit; and our strategy is to incorporate these pillars within all of our activities, thereby creating a sustainable business. We aim to operate in ways that decrease our environmental impact and increase our social contribution, whilst maintaining economic growth.


As a successful business, we are Proud of the excellence attained in our Product and the continual development across our processes, and we can demonstrate a positive portfolio. Maintaining the distinction of highest quality Scottish salmon means following and exceeding best practice, implementing business models designed to steadily progress in health and efficiency, and controlling and expanding the majority of our operations. This commitment to preserve Pride in our Product, and Profit, will help us meet one of our Sustainability Goals, to achieve business growth and security.
We believe in the Passion of our People and SSC is dedicated to creating communities, developing careers, and promoting staff well-being, across the areas we operate. SSC is an important and supportive local employer, particularly in rural areas, and significantly invests in staff development and satisfaction, and aims to ensure staff safety, equality, and fairness. Developing the Passion of our People will lead us towards another of our Sustainability Goals, to employ and retain engaged and valued staff.

The Provenance of SSC is integral to our strategy and we understand that we must respect the Planet and environment upon which we rely. We are committed to raising awareness of our resources, and encouraging local and alternative suppliers. We aim to be competent and compliant stewards of the environment and are implementing innovative and efficient solutions for waste. Our desire to recognise Provenance and the Planet will facilitate the third Sustainability Goal, to reach for environmental responsibility across our business.


The Sustainability Policy within SSC reflects our core values of Pride, Passion and Provenance, and in this way, is intrinsically linked and associated with existing policies across the company. These include Health and Safety and Human Resources guidance and procedures, Environmental and Site Management plans and policies, as well as market and branding strategies and business growth aspirations. In order to realise our Sustainability ambitions, we must ensure to continue the circular relationship among our people, our profitable business and our product.